"The great atmosphere at CrossFit Jax Beach and sense of community are what have kept me coming back."


I started training at Crossfit Jax Beach in May 2017.  I had constant knee pain, poor shoulder mobility, and very limited cardiovascular endurance.  Working with the great coaching staff at CFJB I’ve been able to make drastic improvements in my overall mobility, strength, and endurance.

The great atmosphere and sense of community are what have kept me coming back. Even when I’m the last one still trying to wrap up a workout, not only the coaches, but the other members are there cheering me on and that gives me the extra boost I need to get me through it. 

Crossfit has a lot of complex movements, whether it is olympic style lifts, gymnastic style work on the bar or rings, or just mastering double unders, the coaches have worked with me through all of them. My journey is far from over but I’ve made a lot of progress in the past 19 months and I’m not stopping any time soon.   

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