Joes success story

"The great atmosphere at CrossFit Jax Beach and sense of community are what have kept me coming back."

I started training at Crossfit Jax Beach in May 2017.  I had constant knee pain, poor shoulder mobility, and very limited cardiovascular endurance.  Working with the great coaching staff at CFJB I’ve been able to make drastic improvements in my overa...

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Mikes success story

"The coaches and the people at CrossFit Jax Beach are just awesome and they keep me coming in every day that I can."

What can I say, I have been a member at Crossfit Jax Beach for over a year and I can honestly say it has changed my life. Before joining I was going through a little bit of a rough patch in my personal life, and that all changed the first day I started. ...

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Suzannes success story

"THE best life decision I’ve ever made was joining 67 years old!!"

Crossfit Jax Beach....honestly, two and a half years ago, THE best life decision I’ve ever made was joining 67 years old!! Like others, I had heard from all the nay sayers about getting hurt & that CF might not be for me at t...

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