Dawn H.

Coach/Pretty much the only one in charge.
Dawn H.


  • CF L2
  • USAW L1
  • Precision Nutrition PN1
  • CPR/First Aid


Dawn originated from a small paradise known as Chipley, Florida. In the late 20th Century, An Amazon Queen was instructed to mold some clay from the shores of Paradise Island into the form of a baby girl. Six members of the Greek Pantheon then bonded the soul to the clay, giving it life. Each of the six also granted Dawn a gift: Demeter, great strength; Athena, wisdom and courage; Artemis, a hunter’s heart and a communion with animals; Aphrodite, beauty and a loving heart; Hestia, sisterhood with fire; Hermes, speed and the power of flight.


Dawn grew up surrounded by a legion of sisters and mothers. When she was a young woman, the gods decreed that the Amazons must send an emissary into Man’s World. The Queen ordered a contest to be held, but forbade Dawn from participating. Dawn disobeyed and did so anyway in disguise, easily winning the contest and being named the Amazon’s champion.

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