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Who are you?  (Tell us about yourself)

My name is Jodie Miller i am 39 years old. I was born in Raleigh NC, and am a proud mother of 3 (7,5,3) and married for the last 12+ years.


Why did you start CrossFit?

One of my good friends that I used to work out with came over to my house shortly after I had my second child.  I remarked to her how good she was looking and she told me that she had started this thing called CrossFit. She said that I should try it, and I did…and years later here we are.


What has kept you Crossfitting?

What keeps me coming back is the friends I have made here and the community as a whole. I also really enjoy the variety in the exercises and the different movements.  It is always something new and that is exciting.


What impact has CF had on your life outside of the Gym?

I can now do things I used to not be able to do.  I can lift heavy boxes up into the attic by myself, which is super helpful around Christmas time!!  Also keeping up with my 3 kids it helps to be able to keep up with all the stuff we constantly have to lag around.


How do you find time to workout?

I have to plan out my week and make it a priority.  Whether that is 6am in the morning or later in the evening.  I always will do my best to find a way.


What is your favorite/least favorite excuse to not workout?

I got held up at work.  If you let work hold you up it always will.  Also, get up in the morning and get it done before work.


Outside of physical appearance what benefits do you get from working out?

I love meeting new people and there is always new fun people to meet.  I also love the confidence I gain. Being able to accomplish different things in the gym really lends itself to feeling stronger in life.  Once you see yourself achieve goals in the gym it is amazing how quickly I see that translate into other areas of my life.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out w/ CF or fitness (or on the fence about starting)

Just try it.  It may seem scary, but the coaches do a great job of making everyone feel welcome and capable of doing their best on any given day.


How would you describe CFJB.

Fun!  It’s a place I enjoy getting to come to, I work hard here, have fun, and get to escape from the business of life for an hour at a time!


What is your biggest time waster?

Netflix for sure.  We just finished the Ted Bundy tapes, it was great.


Sunrise or Sunset? And why?

Sunrise. The morning is the most peaceful time of the day so it’s nice to sit there and watch the sun come up and just take it in. Plus we live in Jacksonville Beach so the sun rises here and it’s beautiful.

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