4 Rules For Easy Weight Loss

Almost EVERYONE wants to lose weight and feel physically better. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t know how or where to start.  We’ve been told that it’s too hard, takes too long, or worse, have been judged as being “on a diet” for way too long!! If you’re looking for your “silver bullet” to kickstart weight loss, here are 4 easy to follow rules that will melt the fat away:

Rule #1: Avoid “White” Carbohydrates

Avoid any carbohydrate that is, or can be, white.  This would include all bread, rice (including brown), cereal, potatoes, pasta, tortillas, and fried food with breading.  If you avoid eating these listed foods and anything else white you will be safe. Consume your starchier carbs (ex: sweet potato, yam) around your training times. Almost all restaurants can give you a salad or vegetables in place of french fries, potatoes or rice.

Rule #2: Don’t Drink Your Calories

Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water a day and as much unsweetened tea and coffee as you like.  DO NOT drink milk, soft drinks, fruit juice or any sugary beverage. This includes alcohol. To make this even easier – aim to drink 1 gallon of water a day.

Rule #3: Don’t Overeat Fruit

We don’t need fruit six days a week.  The only exceptions to the fruit rule are tomatoes and avocados.  Fruit contains fructose, which is converted to glycerol phosphate more efficiently than any other carbohydrate. Glycerol phosphate turns into triglycerides via the liver, and turns into stored fat. If you think you can’t go 6 days without fruit, then try to go 5 days.

Rule #4: Eat The Same Few Meals Consistently

Keep it simple. Do yourself a favor and don’t try to reinvent menu planning every time you want to eat.  Find something you like that fits the parameters listed above and make it a staple in your day/week/month..  It’s ok to pick three or four meals and repeat them. If you’ve found a breakfast you like, eat it every morning.  This will also make meal prepping much easier and save you time.

Here’s the best part – if you ever feel you need more guidance or want to step it up a notch, our coaches are here to guide you. You have a support system every step of the way on your weight loss journey!

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