Membership Rules

  1. Arrive on time for Class – There is no set punishment for late arrival.  However if you miss integral parts of the warm up or movement demo/skill session, please do not be surprised if the coach asks you to do burpees instead.  Also, and this should go without saying, but there will almost undoubtedly be some sort of public shaming.  We are all adults, please be respectful of everyone else that manages to get to class on time.  
  2. Reserve your spot in class via the Wodify system at least 30 minutes prior to arrival.  Classes will be capped at 15 members.  You can reserve your spot in the system up to 7 days prior to the class.  Frequent no-shows will be dealt with accordingly
  3. This is #3 on the list but #1 in our hearts.  INTRODUCE Yourself, to anyone and everyone you do not know, may know, or probably know.  Life is way more fun when you know everyone.  Don’t always expect the coaches to introduce you to everyone, (Even though they almost certainly will)
  4. There is No I in Team!  Think of your gym mates as a team.  Cheer them on, encourage them, support them.  If someone is finishing last, cheer them on instead of just putting your stuff away (one day IT WILL BE YOU!).  
  5. Profanity is not permitted…………Well ok, Profanity is def. Permitted.  But please watch your surroundings, occasionally there are children in here.  No need to cuss like a sailor just because.  Parents please be warned that this is not a “G Rated” facility.  While we are adults and mostly respectful people there will be the occasional swear word.  If not by our glorious members then most definitely a song on the radio. (It seems this younger generations music can’t make a song without at least 15 F words.)
  6. Gym Clothing and Closed Toed shoes are required!  Please do not try and work out barefoot.
  7. Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Empty Barbells, Plates (rubber and metal), clips, Boxes, Rowers, Assault Bikes should not be dropped from any height.  In fact, unless it is a barbell loaded with the appropriate bumpers or a wall ball, just don’t drop it….ever.  
  8. Please control your barbell at all times.  If you lack the skill to drop it from overhead safely (both to you, your neighbors, and the equipment).  Then (a.) lower the weight on the bar immediately and (b.) have a coach show you the proper way (controlled to the floor) to put a barbell down.
  9. Please clean off all Chalk and Sweat from equipment after use.  Think about the next person an hour behind you that has to grab that barbell that you just grinded 3lbs of sweaty chalk into to the point it became a sweaty pasty mess. (now what if that person an hour behind you was YOU! You would probably grab a different bar.)  There are towels and disinfectant to wipe down the various pieces of equipment in the gym.  Please use accordingly.  There is a soft bristle brush for wiping off the barbells.
  10. Please return all Equipment back to it’s home after you use it.  Everything has a place.  If you are not sure ask a coach.  If you are feeling really good about life, offer to help your neighbor clean up as well.  Refer back to Rule #3
  11. Chalk Usage………Please keep it to a minimum.  We realize this is asking a lot.  We know that upon seeing a bucket of chalk, that everyone wants to channel their inner Lebron James and walk out to a cloud of chalk explosion.  Please resist this urge.  Please use the chalk in the bucket and keep it in the bucket.  If you are not sure how to use chalk, please see Justin.
  12. Please Respect and Listen to your Coaches.  This should go without saying.  (I mean, this IS what you are paying for!)
  13. Please keep all gym bags and belongings neat and out of the way.
  14. If you are lucky enough to have a cubby, please do not violate this privilege by keeping smelly or rotting stuff in there.  Knee sleeves should go home after every workout to be cleaned, shoes need to be aired out, wrist wraps need washing, water cups and bottles flat out don’t belong there.  Please see a coach if you have a question about this.
  15. Have Fun.  We are having Fun Working out.  Let’s not overthink it.  Have Fun, Be Safe, introduce yourself to your neighbor.  Don’t forget to Laugh occasionally!!